New opening! Bookable from January 16th 2025

Sleeping with style

Unaffected and genuine. The 82 rooms for 1-6 people each. With all the essentials to make you instinctively feel at home: Shower, WC and TV. Fast WiFi and streaming offers for films, series and music are of course also included.

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You and the precinct...

Nothing is more reliable than your own instinct. Your primal instinct. So go out there. Forays. Hunt and gather like you did back then. Only today, your prey consists of impressions, experiences, adrenaline and things that are important to you. And friends with whom you share and exchange ideas. That's what's really essential in life. That's why you have your territory - where you instinctively feel at home. Where you find everything important: Friends, sleeping, eating, drinking. Forays through the day and through the night. And for retreating as a couple - or alone.

And that too...